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The igneous rock gabbro is usually black or dark green in color. It is used extensively in the construction industry for crushed stone materials for roads, as well as tiles for floors and counter tops. Brightly polished gabbro is used for items such as cemetery markers and building facing stones.

Healing Properties

Gabbro is believed to be a spiritual stone that can heal a person mentally and physically. It is believed by many psychics and shamans that this practice can help reveal the darkness from past lives and deeds and help the individual move toward their higher purpose in life. Place these stones on your root and crown chakras for the most protective and cleansing energy.
Contains metaphysical information. Using crystals in place of medical treatment is not recommended.


Palaeoclase, pigeonite, olivine, chromite, and ilmenite


Several outdoor construction uses have been found for gabbro, including use as a paving stone, curbing, and other outdoor construction purposes. As an aggregate material for roads and ballast for railroad tracks, it can be crushed. In addition to chromium and platinum, gabbro is a common source of rare metals.


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