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Coronavirus protection

Posted by World health organization on

هنر معرق

معرق به معنای وصله ، تکه تکه و رگه رگه می باشد و اصولاً به هر چیز رگه دار معرق گویندیکی از زیباترین هنرها و صنایع دستی ایران، هنر معرق چوب می باشد. این هنر ظریف و بینظیر، در ایران جایگاه ویژه ای داشته و قوی ترین آثار دنیا در این هنر نزد ایرانیان می [...]

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How to stay healthy against corona virus COVID 19

How to stay healthy against corona virus COVID 19Dear CustomerWe hope you and all your family are well!If the coronavirus spreads in your area, Please protect yourself.Please tell your family and friends and your collegues that it is best to stay at home and bring a mask and glasses when you go out.Please don't touch [...]

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How to Wrap a Gift

You may think that picking out the perfect  retirement or chirstmas gift.The  hardest part of the holiday season. That is, until you get out all your wrapping paper and ribbon and then remember you don't know how to wrap a gift—properly, at least. To avoid the process, some resort toretirement gift .Mason jars, or gift bags. [...]

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Turquoise Inlaying

First of all, the turquoise inlayer buys waste turquoise chips from turquoise forming workshops or turquoise mines in Mashhad, Neishabour or Damghan. Since such turquoise chips are usually accompanied by some earth and ordinary stone chips, they are first separated and cleaned. Then, the turquoise chips are graded based on their sizes so the right [...]

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What is Termeh?

Termeh is a nice cloth which is woven since Safavi era in Iran.There is an argument between researchers about its origin. Some of them believe that termeh has been made in Kashmir and then brought to Iran.Others say that Iranian have been the innovators of weaving termeh and this material has been taken into concentration [...]

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give away gift

Craftihouse Specialties offers corporate gift ideas to use at your next corporate event in UAE. Making your company stand out is our goal. There are many promotional products that work. Everyone needs a pen, but we also offer unique handmade gifts. A cute sand bottle art , dubai Coins frame , seven sand frames , customized magnets, [...]

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Seven Sands of the Emirates

Seven Sands of the EmiratesUnited arab emirates has seven emirates :Ras al-KhaimahUmm al-QuwainFujairahSharjahDubaiAbu DhabiAjmanif you have plan to visit UAE soon and you like to take some souvenir back home for your collection or as gift for family or friends , its not  it is not necessary to visit each emirates in order to bring something interesting from them.7 [...]

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Want to Buy Souvenirs From Dubai ? Welcome !

Dubai is paradise for all those who love Shopping . if you are a die-hard shopaholic or a collector of souvenirs, shopping in Dubai will give you the experience of your lifetime.  With an endless number of outlets and shopping malls , you have, perhaps, too much choice. Dubai is one of the seven emirates forming the nation [...]

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Souvenir plates

Decorative souvenir plates are a tourist item with a long history, stretching back to the end of the medieval period when imported porcelain from China was rare, valuable, and usually confined to the households of the wealthy.Souvenir plates have a somewhat different story – and a longer history. Fine Chinese porcelain first reached Europe in the 14th [...]

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