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Seven Sands of the Emirates

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Seven Sands of the Emirates

United arab emirates has seven emirates :

  1. Ras al-Khaimah
  2. Umm al-Quwain
  3. Fujairah
  4. Sharjah
  5. Dubai
  6. Abu Dhabi
  7. Ajman

if you have plan to visit UAE soon and you like to take some souvenir back home for your collection or as gift for family or friends , its not  it is not necessary to visit each emirates in order to bring something interesting from them.

7 Sands frame is a popular UAE souvenir, which can be called the symbol of Dubai and other UAE's Emirates. 

The Artist use sands taken from each emirate to create it. The masters fill the gaps between glasses with layers of sands so that patterns or drawings appear inside.Each colour corresponds to a certain emirate.

 "7 sand" can be purchased in many souvenir shops , if you do not have time for rounding in the city for shopping , you can order it online from and get it in your residence across UAE.

in case your 7 sends frame lost or damaged during traveling and you reach home empty hand , just you order this adorable souvenir online along with other dubai and Arabian souvenir . will ship your order internationally .

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