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Where to Buy Souvenirs in Dubai ?

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No trip is complete without a few souvenirs to take back home but Some people dread shopping for souvenirs because they are afraid of spending too much . Some others enjoy browsing shops and markets to find the Ideal and perfect  souvenir, which is a souvenir that represents the culture of the place they’ve visited.

here in Dubai , Dubai souvenirs include miniature Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab statues, camel statue , camel milk soap , Nesting dolls in the form of a sheikh and sheikha, kashmiri shawls , Persian handicrafts , Table cloth and cushion covers and beautiful Turkish mosaic lamps .

if you are looking for more traditional souvenir , you can search for Moroccan Tea set and ceramic plates , antique wooden door and window , vintage inspired brass handicrafts , Persian carpet and kilim , Amber Aoud perfume .

Dubai water Front Market 

Dubai water front Market is located in Deira Area ,The Market includes fish and vegetable Market , restaurants and shops, this market is next to the sea and offers a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai every night from 8pm to 10pm .

Experience dinner aboard a traditional wooden dhow – a great way to see the Dubai by night .

you can find plenty of Dubai Souvenirs in craftihouse shop in Dubai Water Front Market . . You are, however, less likely to be hassled by overbearing shopkeepers or pressured to purchase items . at  Dubai Waster Front Market is a good place to buy attractive Souvenir and Persian handicrafts. 

In Case you spent a lot of time in Safari or you do not have enough time to visit shopping places in Dubai to search for souvenir , you can place your order online with , We have same day delivery Service in DUBAI and 48 Hours Delivery Service In other UAE cities .

Craftihouse ship orders internationally , So do not worry if you missed purchasing souvenir from Dubai or if your Souvenirs lost or damaged during your traveling.


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