Asma ul hosna calligraphy , 99 names of Allah , wall decor islamic calligraphy, ramadan gift , corporate Islamic gift

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  • asma ul hosna
  • asma ul hosna
  • asma ul hosna


Asma ul hosna calligraphy ,  99 names of Allah , wall décor Islamic calligraphy, Ramadan gift , corporate Islamic gift  

size : 39x39 cm

Asma al Husna (اسما الحسنی )wooden calligraphy refers to artistic representations of the 99 names of Allah, also known as Asma al Husna, carved or engraved onto wooden plaques using calligraphic techniques. This type of artwork is often used as a decorative item in Muslim homes and religious institutions, as a way to display reverence for Allah and his divine qualities. The intricate and beautiful calligraphy used in Asma al Husna wooden art also serves as a reminder of the importance of spirituality and the power of faith in Islam.

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