Round Table cloth , cotton table cloth 150cm , Block Printed table cover

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  • round tablecloth
  • round tablecloth


Round Table cloth , cotton table cloth 150cm , Block Printed table cover 


Ideal for table top , interior design or any gift idea you have .
size; 59"X 59"(150 x 150cm)

*** there is more size and design availeble !!! ***

Tapestry round tablecloth are wonderful quality accent pieces for the home or commercial interiors. This cloth can be used on any furniture that requires an elegant touch.
The tapestry round tablecloth has been hand block printed using ancient old traditional methods. The wooden block stamps used are predominantly made of pear wood and are generally hand carved. Pear wood offers more flexibility and density for carving and is also very durable. Thousands of these blocks exist all with various patterns and designs, predominantly flora and fauna and geometric designs.

The fabric of this cloth is calico which has been hand block printed using natural dyes and which gives the cloth its beautiful soft and muted coloring.

The fabric is natural calico and colors mostly from natural sources which can be easily washed in wash-machine with cold water (no tumble dry).


* hand block printed
* rich organic natural dyes
* traditional methods
* cold water machine washable
* tassel detail

59" x 59" (150 x 150cm) round shap

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