Best Souvenirs to bring back home from Dubai and emirates

If you are going to visit Dubai Soon , and you like to bring back unique souvenirs for your loved ones at home, then a more serious searching is necessary.

If you are that kind of serious shoppers who is looking for special and unique gift from Middle east , you come to the right place as we have all your desired items under one roof in .

Need to see  best souvenirs to buy in Dubai in one click  ? we have  useful information about  Dubai Special Souvenirs plus Persian handicrafts , all Prices and descriptions available on our Online store .

These distinctly Dubai souvenirs are perfect reminders of your wonderful time in Middle East’s “City of Gold”.

Here is The summery List Of Dubai Souvenir :

1- Camel Milk Soup

2- Persian Saffron 

3- Dubai Spices 

4- Camel statue with Metal , Wooden and leather material 

5-coffee pot and Arabic coffee dala 

6- Arabic Coffee

7- Burj Khalifa statue 

8- Burj al Arab Model 

9- Persian Rugs & Carpets

10- oudh and bokhoor

11-Perfume oil

12-Pashmina shawls 

13-kashmiri shawls

14- Persian rug tea coaster

15-Persian rug mouse pad

16-Dubai Key chains

17- Dubai Statue 

18-Sand bottle 

19-Dubai Sand frame 

20- Dubai dagger

21- Dubai khanjar 

22- traditional dhow 

23-Islamic art 

you can visit Gallery , 7 days a week from 10:30AM till 10 PM , we have international Delivery.

We provide you same day delivery Service in Dubai . 


25th Mar 2019 craftihouse

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