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The versatility of copper allows it to be used for everything from building pipes to conducting electricity. The evolution from using stones to using metals occurred during the New Stone Age, when humans gradually switched from using stones to using metals. Currently, Chile has the largest copper mines. Copper is found and mined globally.

Healing Benefits

Many arthritis sufferers wear copper jewelry because copper has long been known to reduce inflammation and pain. According to legend, the metal allows energy to flow freely within the body for healing purposes. It stimulates motivation and optimism. This method works on the Base as well as the Sacral chakras in order to balance the energetics of sexual desire and metabolic changes in the body. Supposedly, if kept in a home, it brings prosperity and good fortune to the family.
There is a great deal of metaphysical material in this section. Using crystals in place of medical treatment is not recommended.


Copper was the first metal to be worked by humans, and bronze was often created by adding tin (hence, the Bronze Age). Coins, guns, surgical instruments, construction materials, and industrial machinery use this material. Furthermore, it is a good conductor, allowing electrical equipment to be made with it. A copper kitchen equipment's high heat transfer makes it a favorite with chefs. Despite its age, copper's usefulness seems to remain unchanged for thousands of years.

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