Drawing Board Signature

Drawing Board Signature

Drawing board signature refers to the practice of signing a piece of artwork or illustration on the drawing board, instead of on the finished artwork itself. This is done to avoid accidentally smudging or damaging the artwork during the signing process.

To create a drawing board signature, the artist will typically sign their name or initials in the corner of the drawing board, using a permanent marker or other appropriate writing tool. This signature will then be captured along with the artwork when it is scanned or photographed for reproduction or printing.

Drawing board signatures are commonly used in the fields of illustration, comic book art, and animation, where the original artwork is often reproduced for publication or sale. They can also be used for personal artwork or sketches that the artist may want to share or sell.

While drawing board signatures are not always necessary, they can be a useful practice for artists who want to ensure that their signature is visible and legible on the final product, without risking damage to the artwork itself.

3rd Mar 2023

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