Dubai Frame selfie by the world’s largest frame in Dubai

Dubai Frame selfie by the world’s largest frame in Dubai

Dubai Frame , An architectural landmark bridging Dubai’s past, present and future

Dubai Frame is The New attraction of Dubai.this  world's largest frame offers spectacular views of the city's past and present.its near Dubai Zabeel Park.

The landmark celebrates Dubai’s history, from its humble beginnings to its current glamor and prestige. Look north, and you’ll see Dubai’s older, more historic neighborhoods framed within the great shiny structure. Look south, and you’ll see the modern, glitzy buildings and flashy skyscrapers for which the city is so famous.

With sweeping panoramic views, visitors to the Dubai Frame can gaze out upon every aspect of the city from a height of 150m. 

You can do more than look through the massive frame. The glass, aluminum, steel, and reinforced concrete structure also doubles as an observation tower that boasts fantastic panoramic vistas. It stands 492 feet (150 meters) tall, basically giving you a birds-eye view of the bustling metropolitan hub that sprawls below it.

The Frame provides two very different perspectives of the city. Visitors gazing to the north will catch sight of Old Dubai, the dhow-studded Dubai Greek and its surrounding souks. To the south, guests can take in the splendor of New Dubai, an awe-inspiring array of gleaming skyscrapers, shimmering marinas and other feats of modern engineering. From the ground, the golden iron-wrought structure perfectly frames each of the two tableau – depending on which side the viewer is standing.

Start your journey to Dubai Frame from the ground floor. The main highlight of the area is the museum and a gallery that has the exhibits of the transformation of the Dubai city from a fishing village to a modern city. Advanced state-of-the-art technologies are used in the museum for the exhibits which will definitely astound you. The exterior design of the Dubai Frame is inspired by the logo of the Expo 2020. Visit Dubai Frame that has the most energy efficient features and sophisticated techniques of engineering and enriches your experience of the history of Dubai.


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