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United Arab Emirates may not be well-known to many, however the city of Dubai is. Its luxurious city has definitely made a name for itself, attracting tourists from all around the world.

It is impossible to leave the emirate without buying an abaya, coffee, or some dates, as they are traditional and historically inexpensive souvenirs.

Taking some great souvenirs home from a holiday is a must. We selected the best mementos from Dubai. offers Gifts and souvenirs that comply with international standards of design and quality. There is always something special that tourists bring back to their family and friends.

1. Camel souvenirs

Emirates' national animal is the hawk, but Dubai is best represented by the camel.

Stuffed camels, camel-shaped chocolates, and camel-shaped magnets are just a few of the camel-themed items found in the city. The most authentic souvenir, however, is a tiny gold camel, adorned with jewels on its hump.

Dubai's camel souvenirs represent the country perfectly and can be found everywhere.

2. Traditional coffee

The traditional Arabic coffee, Qahwah, is a great souvenir from Dubai. Guests are offered Qahwah and dates as the first thing they are offered in hospitality.

Due to its high caffeine content, it is consumed in small amounts. Any spice market in Dubai will do if you want to take home some Qahwah.

Next, we have a souvenir of a traditional set.

3. Hand-woven crafts

Perhaps the best way to understand Dubai's history is through its woven handicrafts.Printed on these hand-made Dubai souvenirs are a variety of materials including palm tree leaves, cotton, and wool. The bedouin women have always shared stories and recited poetry during this tradition.Various woven products are available to tourists today such as baskets, placemats, coasters, rugs, bags, fans, containers, and more. These souvenirs from Dubai are cheap, traditional, and found at the souk.

4.Arabic Coffee Dallah and Cups

The Dallah is one of Dubai's must-buys. A tall spout on this coffee pot allows you to enjoy this very long drink. With every Dallah, which is an incredibly small cup, one should purchase a dozen Finjan.Tourists find it difficult to choose a favorite from the various patterns and designs available for the coffee sets. In general, souvenirs are quite cheap, usually found anywhere, but their prices differ according to their quality and design.In Muslim countries, the Dallah is placed at store and home entrances to signify hospitality. Its importance is even reflected on the 1 Dirham stamp.


The United Arab Emirates takes pride in its palm trees, especially in what it has to offer.Because of their religious significance and hospitality, dates are an essential component of Dubai's culture. Traditionally, the first thing that is served to guests and the first thing that Muslims eat after breaking their fast is this food. In addition, the health benefits further enhance its value.There are a variety of dates in Dubai markets, including dry dates, sweet dates, chewy dates, biscuits, date syrup, and many others at a range of prices. With so many options, you'll never be able to leave without a kilo of dates.

6.Oud and Bakhoor

Among the most popular items tourists purchase in Dubai is bakhoor, an incense made of natural ingredients such as saffron, sandalwood, Arabic gum, and Arabic Oud. Various forms of bakhoor are available, including wood chips soaked in fragrance or powdered bakhoor. There are two types of Bakhoor, and either must be placed on burning charcoal to release aroma. Bakhoor is a traditional air freshener and modern alternative to perfumes and air fresheners. There is a range of prices depending on the quality. You'll find the best quality at Swiss Arabian or Abdul Samad Al Quraishi if you want to take home a souvenir from Dubai.

7. Kandoora

Besides being a traditional garment of Emirati men, a kandoora is worn by most men living in the UAE. The style of this clothing is similar to an abaya. As an alternative, Emirati men typically wear white Kandooras with tassels on the front. While they do come in more than one color, they are typically white. Kandooras are topped with gold or black robes worn by members of the elite, such as ministers and rulers.Even though it is a great souvenir from Dubai, the Kandoora's headpiece is typically what attracts tourists most.

8. Ghatra

Wearing the Ghatra with the Kandoora completes the overall look. A popular souvenir in particular, this one is unique and popular with tourists. Emirati men wear it to protect their heads from the heat of the sun and the harsh sandstorms.Fabrics made of Ghatra are either white with red designs or plain white with red designs. An Egal ring is used to attach it to the head, which is wrapped around in a particular fashion or placed loosely on the head.Ghatras can be found for a reasonable price at most souks and kandoora shops in Dubai and are a great souvenir.

9. Burqah

If you're searching for more Dubai products to buy, take a look at the Burqah.

Women in Emirati society cover their faces with a gold fabric cut to camouflage distinguishable features like the nose and lips. A souvenir from Dubai that is authentic because it was made by Emirati women in commemoration of the women.

Despite its affordability, the Burqa is not an easy garment to acquire. You will find it more commonly in gift shops and boutiques than in the souks. The Burqah is a good alternative to an abaya if you cannot purchase one.

10. Jilabiyah

Before you leave Dubai, you want to purchase the Jilabaya, an expensive but luxurious souvenir.

It is a long dress with intricate embroidery that has been inspired by Moroccan culture. The waist has been cinched with a belt. Necklaces and headpieces are often worn with an outfit to complete its look.

With Jilabiyah, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors. If you are planning on making a purchase in Bur Dubai, you should go there.

If you choose to have the Jilabiyah custom made, it will be expensive and can take a while to stitch, but you will definitely forget about the cost once the outfit is finished!

11. Hookah- Sheesha

Your Dubai trip sounds like one that included a Shisha Lounge. As a souvenir, why not bring this memory home with you? There are many shisha flavors available at Dubai Souk, including small hookahs. If you aren't interested in buying a real hookah, you can also buy mini hookahs as decoration pieces at an affordable price in the souk.

12.Sand Art

Dubai's unique souvenir is sand art. You might as well bring some sand home if you're going to visit a region where sand is abundant! As the colors are leveled into the bottles, artisans create the design they envisioned.

Sand art usually incorporates camels or desert scenes in Dubai. Alternatively, you can also have the bottle customized with your name inscribed on it. Considering its price, it is a great value, but that means it can only be located in certain areas of Dubai, such as the Dubai Mall, the Dubai souk, or other high-end areas.

13.Dubai Iconic buildings Souvenir

Have you been to Dubai at all if you haven't brought home a souvenir of the tallest building on the planet?

The Burj Khalifa is the best way to represent Dubai. The prices of souvenirs inside the skyscraper, however, tend to be expensive. Nearly anywhere in Dubai sells Burj Khalifa merchandise at reasonable prices.

A variety of items like mint tins, keychains, and mugs of the Burj Khalifa tower are available everywhere. Additionally, you should also pick up one of the Burj Al Arab, the only 7-star hotel in the world and the second most famous building in UAE.

Gifts from Dubai like these are wonderful!

14. Henna

Hair, hands, and feet are dyed with henna. Emirati women wear beautiful henna designs during religious ceremonies and social gatherings. As a temporary tattoo, henna explains its popularity.

You can purchase henna cones for an affordable price in any supermarket in Dubai if you're interested in trying out your henna skills at home. Beginners can even find henna stickers to guide them through the process.

15.Ceramic & Pottery

Ceramic platters from Iran and Turkey are another international handicraft found in Dubai's souvenir shops.

The store does a brilliant job grabbing tourists' attention despite its foreign origins. It represents traditional art from both countries that sells well overseas, so it makes sense.

Each plate, bowl, and coaster has a unique design that makes it stand out from the others. This makes it hard to figure out how much each cost.

16.Pashmina Shawl

Textile souks in Dubai are filled with Pashmina Shawls. One of the most popular souvenirs imported from Asia due to its quality.

As a result of the diverse patterns in the Pashmina Shawl, locals purchase it in bulk for matching with their outfits. A quality souvenir from Dubai that's expensive, but worth the price.


In UAE culture, lanterns hold a religious significance. Ramadan begins in the country, like most Muslim countries. It is common for people to decorate their homes and driveways with lanterns besides the holy month.

A traditional lantern is not as elaborate as you may have expected. A variety of colorful and vibrant lanterns can also be purchased in Dubai's souks, which are imported from Turkey.

18.Persian Carpets

There is a strong Persian influence in the UAE, particularly in the souvenir shops. There are many styles and color combinations of Persian carpets available here. Different sizes are available, of course. There are Persian rugs that are just as elegant that can be carried in a handbag if there is no space in your suitcase.

You can also pick up a Persian rug bookmark if you don't have any room in your handbag. A Persian souvenir from Dubai is something you should not leave without.


In addition to being a great souvenir from Dubai, pearls are also a memento of the UAE's history.

It was pearl diving that led to the country's development. UAE pearls are well recognized internationally today and are even used by renowned brands like Cartier.

There is no doubt that this souvenir from Dubai isn't cheap, and it can only be found in a few places, such as the Dubai Gold Souk or Dubai Mall, but it is a luxurious and historic token.


It is Bakhoor who is placed in the Mabkharah. The souvenir can be used as a decoration item and not necessarily to burn Bakhoor. It is designed to be placed inside the bakhoor pit in various ways. Adding more charcoal will replenish the incense when it expires.People often use the Mabkharah to add fragrance to their homes and stores in the UAE. Abayas and Kandoras are often placed under the Mabkharah to allow the fragrant smoke to enter. Contrary to spritzing a few times of perfume, this lasts much longer on the clothes.A Mabkharah is typically a cheap souvenir from Dubai available at most

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