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refrigerator magnet or fridge magnet is an ornament often whimsical, attached to a small magnet which is used to post items such as shopping list or reminders on a refrigerator door, or which simply serves as decoration. Refrigerator magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and may have promotional messages placed on them. Refrigerator magnets are popular souvenir and collectible objects.

Refrigerator magnets are extremely popular tourist knickknacks in Dubai  – in fact, they have even made an entry in the famous Guinness Book of World Records, which notes that the largest known collection of these souvenirs is close to 20,000 items!

Fridge Magnets made in Metal , ceramic and Rubbers .

The vintage Fridge Magnet have been colour corrected to produce the vibrant colours of the original artwork on a high gloss Ceramic tiles or on aluminium sheets .


Collecting magnets is a hobby, with some collectors specializing in magnets from their travels, or of a particular theme. They are sold at souvenir shops worldwide. There is no generally recognized term for magnet collecting. A Russian collector has proposed the term memomagnetics (Russian: мемомагнетика), derived from the words memoriale (Latin) and magnetis(Greek) A collector of magnets would be called memomagnetist. These terms have been used by at least one Russian online community for magnet collectors.

9th Apr 2019 craftihouse

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