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Roselite is a rare mineral that is so named due to its magenta- or rose-colored crystals. Though it doesn't have any industrial uses, handsome specimens are highly valued by collectors, and large crystals can be carved for jewelry and other ornaments. While roselite is found across the globe, most of it originates in Germany, where it was first described.

healing benefits

The mineral roselite is believed to help bind the physical, emotional, and spiritual characteristics of a person. This will unlock the unconscious mind and allow for personal growth and transformation. There is also a claim that it will increase passion and attraction to another. For best results, it should be applied to the second and fourth chakras.
These articles are primarily metaphysical in nature. You should not replace medical treatment with crystals.

Kinds of crystals

Roselite's pleochroism depends on its chemical composition, with darker rose-colored varieties containing higher cobalt content and lighter rose-colored varieties containing higher calcium and magnesium contents (Palache et al., 1960). Thus, there are two different pleochroism schemes for roses, one for light roses and one for dark roses. Dark roses have X: dark rose, Y: pale rose, and Z: paler rose. Light rose varieties have a number of x: pale rose, y: paler rose, and z: palest rose.


Since roselite is a rare mineral, it is little used in society. Its beautiful rose-like color makes it highly desirable as a gemstone for jewelry and decorative purposes, as well as a favorite of collectors. Because of the small crystal size observed in this mineral, its gemstones are tiny, but due to their striking color and rarity, they fetch a high price.

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