Khatam Kari , persian handicrafts , marquetry inlaid

khatam kari is one of the most famous handicrafts in Esfahan.

A khatam is a Persian form of marquetry that involves inlaying small equilateral triangles made of ivory, metal, bone, wood and brass twisted wires to create a stunning geometric pattern. Artworks with smaller inlaid pieces are generally more valuable.

With khatam, thin wood sticks (ebony, teak, ziziphus, orange, rose), brass (for golden parts), and camel bones (for white parts) are carved into star-shaped incrustation patterns. Gold, silver, or ivory can also be used for collection objects.These sticks are assembled in triangular beams, assembled and glued in a strict order to create a geometrical motif such as a six-branch star included in a hexagon.

These triangles are put on the surface of inner, outer or both sides of wooden objects with the thickness of 2 centimeters.

24th Jul 2022

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