Turkish Mosaic Candle holders are absolutely amazing,

Mosaic candle Holder

Turkish Mosaic Candle holders are  absolutely amazing,

They are unique elegance to your special nights with its ambiance. 

With the unique reflections and harmonious colors it provides to the environments it is in, you can get a special look in your home. they are completely hand crafted and they have mosaics embroidered with Turkish motifs. When candle holders are placed, they cause reflections they cause reflections in multicolor . So it is easy to capture the Perfect ambiance in your living room or the bedroom 

You can decide on the colors and patterns of the products and have a candle holder in the model you want. If you want. 

They can gifted to your family or friends and for sure they will love them .

They are unique and will be given as a Christmas present or for any other occasional gift.

7th Jul 2022 Sara

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