Pottery , Persian pottery , iranian ceramic , clay art

Pottery , Persian pottery , iranian ceramic , clay art


Ceramicsmake up pottery wares, including Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. This type of ware is also made in pottery (plural "potteries"). The art of a potter or the process of making pottery is also called pottery.

The ancient art of pottery has been practiced by human beings since the beginning of the species. Potters have been forming vessels from clay bodies for millions of years. They made whatever they needed from clay. Considering that clay dishes and containers were not made on a potter's wheel and weren't fired in a kiln, they were very fragile.

When a clay body is formed into an object of a desired shape, it's heated to high temperatures in a kiln, which removes all the water from the clay, causing reactions that lead to permanent changes, such as improving strength and hardening. During or after firing, a clay body can be decorated. Clay must be prepared before it can be shaped.

In order to become watertight, pottery must be fired at a high temperature, which hardens the clay. This firing involves adding liquid glaze (which may be painted on or dipped in the glaze) to the unfired pot's surface, which transforms its chemical composition and fuses to the surface of the fired pot. As a result, the pottery is termed vitreous, which means it can hold water.

Artists use clay to express their emotions and reflect their creativity today.

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