gift , handmade gift  Sometimes Gift is matter for a friend

gift , handmade gift Sometimes Gift is matter for a friend

Sometimes Gift is matter !

You aren't quite sure what to send as gift for your friend or your family ,you have less of idea what they want .
Its up to you , you can simply send them a bottle of whiskey or something similar or just a Box of perfume .

Here at , we suggest you before your make your final decision  just  look at our different collections of handmades , which you can choose out of them the right gift according to your budget .

You can rely on to find all of the gifts you need for loved ones . We offer gifts for EID and other holidays.

if you are looking for cost effective Middle eastern handmade , to carry with you , while you are going back from Dubai to your home country , is right option for your on line shopping in UAE.

 Pottery Collection:

We have Several Type of Pottery platevasewine pitcher or even antique designs pottery .

most of them hand enameled and embossed by smart artists carefully and they are stunning with beautiful floral designs and patterns .

some of them has antique design or glazing finishing.

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Backgammon collection:

also we got stock of handmade backgammon and chess boards , they made out walnut wood , our craftsmen continue a

tradition of Persian Miniature or decorated them with Khatam patterns , most of them reveres to chess board.

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ladies Bag and purses :

If you are going to send her gift ,Our generous kilim bags and purses will be ideal gift , it  is great for the woman that has everything - and wants to carry it with her. Whether she  headed for the mall or on your way to a party , this bag's have special design and looking ,they can carry  important papers, makeup, trinkets and more!. Each bag is individually cut from a vintage Persian  Kilim & Rugs, so you can be sure no one will have a bag just like yours.these bags has unique designs and each one has  diffrent design compare to  the others .

Not like what you can find now days in shopping malls , you may saw so many bags copied from famous brand !!

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If you order with us once, you will visit again and again. This is because we value our customers, and it shows in our service & products.

6th Jul 2022

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