Souvenir plates , a few gift you can take back home

Decorative souvenir plates are a tourist item with a long history, stretching back to the end of the medieval period when imported porcelain from China was rare, valuable, and usually confined to the households of the wealthy.

Souvenir plates have a somewhat different story – and a longer history. Fine Chinese porcelain first reached Europe in the 14th century, and because of its rarity and exotic decoration, it was extremely expensive. At that time and up through the end of the 18th century, only rich nobles, merchants, and clergymen could afford to decorate their homes with porcelain plates.

At the end of this period, however, mass production of good porcelain began in Europe, allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy these relatively inexpensive, locally made items. Most plates featured decorative scenes rendered in blue and white.

Today, with the power of modern materials technology, souvenir plates are not limited to porcelain. Glass, wood, plastic, resin, and various metals are all highly popular materials for plates to be made out of, too, so that you can match the look of the plate to your decor. Many people are avid collectors of these items and display their plates on special shelves or wall hangers.

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9th Apr 2019 craftihouse

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