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We are focusing on our BFFs and thinking of appreciating our girlfriends a little more!

One funny gift I often give my kids each year at their birthday is a package of "Thank You" notes. I try to get them notes their friends are sure to smile at. Yes, it is true, I still ask my kids to send handwritten "Thank You" notes to friends and family who give them gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, you name it.

I also have found myself a little sad that that steady stream of Christmas cards I looked forward to each day has come to a stop. I don't want to read about the low interest credit card offer, I want to read those letters and see your smiling faces!

So I found myself thinking about this today. Let's say it's your birthday and while you enjoy your morning coffee you log into Facebook you see a slew of birthday messages on your wall. "Hope your year is great", "happy day!" "HBD" (this guy couldn't even take the time to spell it out).

Then let's say later that day you go to the mailbox and in it is a handwritten note card recalling a funny story or something meaningful from the year with Birthday wishes. Which one will you remember? Which one will you send?

It does take a little planning and maybe five minutes to write something out. But just think - Jimmy Fallon does this every Friday. If we took time every Friday to write a few thank you notes, we'd all be putting more good out into the world.

In an age when even birthday greetings and thank you are often times sent via text message and Facebook, we find that a handwritten note card carries so much meaning! So send your BFFs a handwritten note - they will appreciate it!

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