"Unique and Unforgettable Dubai gift & Souvenirs"

"Unique and Unforgettable Dubai Souvenirs"

 here are some unique and unforgettable Dubai souvenirs:

  1. Sand Bottles: These are bottles filled with colored sand that create intricate designs and scenes, often featuring camels, mosques, and other iconic Dubai landmarks.
  2. Falconry Souvenirs: Falconry is an important part of Emirati culture, and many souvenir shops in Dubai offer falconry-related items like keychains, magnets, and figurines.
  3. Arabic Coffee Set: Traditional Arabic coffee pots and cups make for a beautiful and practical souvenir.
  4. Camel Milk Products: Camel milk soap, lotion, and beauty products are a unique and popular souvenir to bring back from Dubai.
  5. Traditional Emirati Clothing: Abayas, kanduras, and shawls are traditional Emirati clothing items that make for an authentic and cultural souvenir.
  6. Miniature Dhow Boats: These are small replicas of the traditional wooden boats used in Dubai for fishing and pearl diving.
  7. Pearl Jewelry: Dubai was once a major center for pearl diving, and many shops still sell pearl jewelry that is unique to the region.
  8. Sand Art: Sand art is a popular souvenir in Dubai, with artists creating intricate designs in glass bottles using colored sand.
  9. Wooden Camels: Wooden camels are a popular souvenir in Dubai, often painted in bright colors and adorned with intricate designs.
  10. Arabic Calligraphy Art: Beautifully crafted calligraphy art is a wonderful way to bring a piece of Dubai's culture and artistry home with you.


3rd Mar 2023

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