"What to Bring Home from Bahrain"

"What to Bring Home from Bahrain"

If you're planning a trip to Bahrain and wondering what to bring back home as souvenirs, here are some ideas:

  1. Pearl Jewelry: Bahrain is famous for its pearls, and you can find a range of pearl jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You can also find designs that incorporate traditional Bahraini motifs.
  2. Dates: Dates are an important part of Bahraini culture, and you can find a variety of dates, including the popular Khalas dates, that make for a delicious souvenir to bring back home.
  3. Spices: Bahrain is known for its spice markets, where you can find a variety of spices, including saffron, cardamom, and turmeric. These spices can add a unique flavor to your dishes and also make for a great gift.
  4. Traditional Clothing: You can find traditional Bahraini clothing, such as the thobe and abaya, in many shops around Bahrain. These clothing items are not only a unique souvenir but also a great way to experience the local culture.
  5. Pottery: Bahraini pottery is known for its intricate designs and patterns, and you can find a variety of pottery items, including bowls, plates, and vases. These items can make for great decorative pieces in your home.
  6. Dallah Coffee Pot: The Dallah coffee pot is a traditional coffee pot that is used to serve Arabic coffee in Bahrain. These pots are often made of brass or silver and are adorned with intricate designs and patterns.
  7. Handicrafts: You can find a variety of handicrafts in Bahrain, including woven baskets, textiles, and wood carvings. These items are made by local artisans and reflect the traditional Bahraini culture.
  8. Traditional Musical Instruments: Bahraini music is an integral part of the country's culture, and you can find traditional musical instruments, such as the oud and darbuka, in many shops around Bahrain. These instruments make for a unique and memorable souvenir.

In conclusion, Bahrain offers a range of unique souvenirs that reflect the country's culture and heritage. From traditional crafts to delicious food items, there is something for everyone. So, make sure to pick up some of these souvenirs during your trip to Bahrain and take a piece of this beautiful country back home with you.

3rd Mar 2023

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