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When it comes to the outfit you are wearing to the holiday party or big vacation this year, there are a few key recommendations to take into consideration. The right fashionable outfit for the holidays is one that creates a unique combination of style and elegance while still being very trendy and fashion-forward. Playful looks, cute boots, and the right handbag are sure to be popular choices for today's stylish holiday event attendee.

Holiday Season Travel

What to wear on your holiday trip really depends on where you plan to go. For those exploring the world this holiday, it is important to choose fashionable pieces that create the desired look. Here are some recommendations depending on where you are heading.

European Look

If you are going to spend the holidays in Europe, the clothing you select should be elegant, but not necessarily formal. Choose a touch of gold to add either in your boots, bag, or sunglasses. Select a smart blazer with a turtleneck under it, a very popular trend on Paris and London runways this year. Add a bright pop of color in a key component of the look, such as a beautiful, red suede skirt. Knee boots in fine leather are a must for the holiday season this year.

The Beach

Spending the holiday on the beach doesn't give you an excuse to be less fashionable. This type of look should be one filled with simplistic clothing and comfort. Choose a straw hat and a pair of fun sunglasses. The right bikini will have an interesting pattern, but not necessarily a lot of color. And, it doesn't have to be too small. Add a tote and a pair of metallic colored or leather sandals to the mix.

Ski Trips

Another popular option is the ski trip. This is where a smart, stylish look needs to also be practical. Fantastic compression leggings are a must, as are knit hats and sweaters. Wear a wool sweater with a pattern. Ugly sweaters are all the range this year anyway. Complete this look with ski-approved, but cute, leather boots.

Staying Home

If you are staying home this year, don't slack in the fashion and style department. Choose a comfortable look, one with a heavy sweater and comfortable pant. Add to it a cute sneaker or stylish leather boots.

No matter what your holiday plans are this year, from going on vacation to just staying at home, the right clothes create the comfort and look you desire.

Written by Lucy Baldini of website blogger and contributor

6th Aug 2017

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