What’s kilim

What’s kilim 

Kilim is a type of flat-woven rug or tapestry that is traditionally made by hand in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Kilims are woven using a technique called weft-faced plain weave, which creates a flat surface with no pile or knots. The weft threads are tightly packed together, creating a dense and durable fabric.

Kilims are known for their vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns, which often have symbolic meanings and reflect the cultural and ethnic heritage of the region where they were made. Kilims can be used as floor coverings, wall hangings, or decorative textiles, and they are often used to add color and texture to a room.

Kilims are made using natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or silk, and they are often dyed using natural plant-based dyes. Some kilims may also incorporate metallic threads or other decorative elements such as beads or tassels.

Kilims have a long history dating back thousands of years, and they are an important part of the cultural heritage of the regions where they are made. They are often sold in local markets and shops and are prized by collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Kilims are known for their durability and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

3rd Mar 2023

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