Golden dagger , Omani dagger framed , VIP gift ideas , retirement Gift , Dubai khanjar , Yemeni Janbiya

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Traditional khanjar framed , dagger frame , Omani dagger , corporate gift , VIP gift ideas , wall hanging dagger , golden khanjar framed .


Frame size approx. : 52X44 cm

Retirement Gift, Personalized framed  Omani Dagger , Teacher retirement gift, Retirement gifts for Men . An ideal corporate gift from UAE.

 Dagger ( Janbya ) : 

This type of dagger, also called a janbiya or janbya, is commonly found in Yemen and is known for its short curved blade with a ridge on the side. The people of Najran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia are the most closely associated with it. Most men over the age of 14 wear it as an accessory to their clothes. In Oman, the janbiya is called a khanjar, in Hyderabad (India) a jambiya, and in Kurdistan a xencer.

You can also give it as a housewarming gift to someone you love.  

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