Golden seven sands frame , self stand frame , promotional gift , dubai souvenir , 23x14 CM

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  • Dubai corporate gift seven sands
  • seven sand frame
  • UAE promotional gift


Golden seven sands frame , self stand frame , Emirates seven sands frame , dubai souvenir , 2 CM


Dimensions: 23x14x3 cm

 The Seven Sand Frame is the perfect corporate and giveaway souvenir. It features seven different sands, each symbolizing one of the seven emirates, in a glass frame. This unique and eye-catching piece is sure to make a statement. With its moving sands, it's also a great conversation starter. Perfect for any desk or shelf, this souvenir is sure to be treasured for years to come.

  • Seven Sand Frames is one of the most popular UAE Souvenirs
  • Each shade of sand attributed a particular emirate
  • Particular Frames showing the rich heritage of UAE through coins and specific metal products
  • Some of the frames show the caravan of camels walk past the deserts
  • An unforgettable line of souvenirs that reminds the deserts of UAE and their stunning beauty for life long


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