Haftseen Enameled Blue Haftseen Minakari on Copper Set of 7 plates and a Sugar Bowl.

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As you probably know, we are approaching the handmade New Year, which is called Norouz. Following within this ancient tradition, or looking for an original handmade handmade for your home decoration, you will be cheerful of finding these gorgeous set of 7 plates and a Sugar Bowl  enamel Minakari on copper, beautiful decorative art from Isfahan.

Small Plates Diamameter : 9Cm'

Bigger plate diameter      : 20cm

Sugar Bowl Height          : 12cm


 These adorable blue enamel set makes the preparations for the Haftseen table so easy including six harmonic plates which by encircling Sabzeh will complete your Haftseen table items perfectly. It may come your nostalgia of your childhood spring celebrations In handmade true, where all the happy family members came together.

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