Daf , Kurdish Daf , daf with painting and calligraphy

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  • kurdish daf
  • daf with painting and calligraphy
  • kurdish daf
  • persian daf


Handmade Daf with painting and calligraphy , Kurdish Daf , Daf Drum 


The handmade Daf is a frame drum used as a traditional instrument in handmade. Unlike the tambourine, it has no jingles but most often has a snare (usually made of gut) stretched across its head, which when the drum is struck with the fingers or palm gives the tone a buzzing quality.  The bendir is used in the special ceremonies of the Sufi. The Sufi tradition is strongly characterized by the use of music, rhythm, and dance to reach particular states of consciousness. the drum at the base of the left thumb as the left hand fingers that the rim and the right hand plays the rim and center.  


• Synthetic Skin
• Not tunable
• The Handle is wood


Diameter:22 Inch
Depth: 2 Inch

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