Vintage Style Singing bowl , Tibetan singing bowl , healing bowl , meditation singing bowl

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Vintage Style Singing bowl , Tibetan singing bowl , yoga bowl , meditation singing bowl , healing bowl

Singing bowls are constructed of seven metals that include gold, silver, zinc, copper, tin, lead and iron,. Each of the metals creates its own unique sound and together, This singing bowl is used for space cleansing ,chakra healing ,manifestation healing and prosperity healing. it is to create a clear, open and vibrant space is the singing bowl. When our spaces are clear, they revitalize and refresh us.

Diameter :18- 20 cm 


What are the Different Types of Singing Bowls?
  • Thadobati. Thadobati singing bowls are characterized by high walls, straight sides, flat bottoms, …
  • Jambati. Jambati bowls have curved walls, flat bottoms, and lips that face inward. Their …
  • Naga. Naga singing bowls are also called Naga pedestal bowls
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