Wall hanging plate with calligraphy , hand painted textured plate , Pottery , Islamic Home Decor Gift Muslim Decorative Plate

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Wall hanging plate with calligraphy  , hand painted textured  plate , handmade Pottery , Islamic Home Decor Gift Muslim Decorative Plate

Elevate your home decor with our stunning Islamic calligraphy wall hanging plate. Each 30cm diameter piece is meticulously hand-painted and textured, showcasing intricate Islamic motifs and verses. Crafted from high-quality pottery, this decorative plate exudes elegance and makes a thoughtful gift for Muslim occasions. Whether you hang it on your walls or display it on a stand, this unique piece will add a touch of artistic beauty to any space. Shop now and bring the essence of Islamic art into your home or gift it to someone special.

Size: 30cm Diameter          


It would make a wonderful gift for your family or your friends.

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