Islamic wall art , " سبحان الله " Calligraphy frame , Arabic calligraphy on wood Frame 26x26 cm , , Traditional Islamic carving , Ramadan gift Idea

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  Islamic  wall art , " سبحان الله    " Calligraphy frame  , Arabic calligraphy on wood Frame 26x26 cm   , Traditional Islamic carving  , Ramadan  gift  Idea

Frame size : 26x26 cm


Elevate the spiritual ambiance of your home with our "Sabhan Allah" Calligraphy Frame, a stunning piece of Islamic wall art that beautifully combines tradition and elegance. This exquisite artwork features the phrase "سبحان الله" (Subhan Allah) meticulously crafted in Arabic calligraphy on a premium wood frame measuring 26x26 cm.

The traditional Islamic carving adds depth and intricacy to the design, reflecting the rich heritage of Islamic art. This unique piece serves as a meaningful decoration, inspiring a sense of reverence and gratitude.

Perfect for Ramadan or as a thoughtful gift idea, this Islamic wall art captures the essence of spirituality and makes a lasting impression. Bring a touch of tradition and beauty to your living space with our "Sabhan Allah" Calligraphy Frame – a true celebration of Islamic craftsmanship.



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