Sand Bottle Art , Sand Bottle Flat Small , Corporate gift idea

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Sand Bottle Art  , Sand Bottle Flat Small , Corporate gift idea 

Looking for a unique gift for your loved one? Consider the Sand Bottle Flat Small. These glass bottles are filled with colored sand and each bottle features a unique design. They make the perfect Valentine's or birthday gift for anyone who appreciates beauty and creativity.

Not only are these bottles beautiful, but they also have sentimental value. They serve as a reminder of the places you've been and the experiences you've had. And if you've visited the United Arab Emirates, these souvenirs will be even more meaningful.

The Sand Bottle Flat Small is a great way to give value to your tourist experience. It's a special and memorable way to remember your trip and the special moments you shared with loved ones. At 10 cm tall, it's the perfect size for a desk, shelf, or mantle.


glass bottles filled with colored  sand with various unique designs in each bottle

  • Give value to your United Arab Emirates tourist experience by these souvenirs.
  • UAE souvenirs remind you the places you have been to and the things you have seen in your memorable trip.
  • These precious objects will be the evidence of your special moments and the magnificent journey.
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