Toranj Enamel Copper Vase

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Enamel Vase, Hand Painted Decorative Enamel Vase, Engraved Copper Vase, Middle East handmade Style Enamel Artwork,

Handcrafted Enamel Vase
Base: Copper
Paint: Hand-painted
Color: Turquoise Blue
Height: 20 cm

Enamelling working is the art of painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing brilliant colours over it that are decorated in an intricate design. Enamel, is defined as some sort of glasslike coloured coat which can be stabilised by heat on different metals particularly copper. Enamel colours are metal oxides mixed with a tint of finely powdered glass where the oxide content controls the shade obtained.

It would make a wonderful gift for your family or your friends.

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The art of "Mina kari" or Enamelling is an special colouring method with mina glaze to paint decorative dishes, pots and vases.
It is called miniature of fire, the art of painting, coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it with brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design. Mina is the feminine form of Minoo in handmade culture, meaning heaven. Mina refers to the Azure color of heaven.

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